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+ What is DayTwo?

DayTwo is the first ever Crop Over Tuesday Experience/Jump Up!

For the first time in Barbadian history there is a second day of full masquerading and revelry!


+ When will DayTwo be held?

DayTwo will be held on Tuesday 2nd August 2016 from 8am - 4pm.

+ Where will DayTwo be held?

DayTwo will be held on the Ermy Bourne Highway fondly known to Barbadians as East Coast Road!


+ How can I become a part of DayTwo?

You can simply complete the registration form at

Every Friday at Banks Visitor Centre there is an after work lime where you can register for DayTwo.

Lastly, at Metal Boutique in Sheraton Centre Mall, Sargeant's Village, Christ Church, you can make payments with our #DMDAYTWO Freedom Ambassador, Roseia Hatagekimana.

+ What is included in my package?

The official "DayTwo Tee Shirt Package" for Males and Females is BBD $390.00.

This package entitles you to the following:

→ Entry to DayTwo
→ Event Wristband (must be worn at all times)
→ DayTwo Event Wear Tee Shirt
→ Breakfast by Bubba's Sports Bar, Lunch catered by Top Chef Dane Saddler and Snacks on the Road
→ Premium Drinks ALL DAY including our custom #DMDayTwo Punch!
→ Plenty Vibes from the hottest DJs!!
→ The opportunity to be apart of this historic moment in Barbadian history as we take to the streets of the East for the first time!!!

+ What is the "Party People" discount and how can I become eligible for it?

The "Party People" discount is a discount offered by the recognised DayTwo partners/affiliates.

These are We Ting, UV Vibe, Aura Experience, Baje International, Erup the Band, Mojito, Purple Sunset, Le Frere International, Candy Coated and Dirty Dozen.

"Party People" discounts are available for a limited time only.

+ What is the exclusive designer event wear upgrade?

Females have the option of specially designed event wear from premier designers!

DayTwo is pleased to have options from:
Suga Apple Swimwear, Marie Collette, Monif C Plus Sizes, Rebel Swimwear and Jin Forde.

These prices are of the same standard to which they are normally sold by the designers at retail and are re-wearable.

+ Can I wear my own costume?

Once you are wearing your wristband, you are in the band!

But why wouldn't you want to wear these awesome costumes we have for you?!?!

+ How can I get more information?

Simply stay tuned to our social media pages.

Facebook:   dmcelebrations
Instagram:   dm.celebrations
Snapchat:   dmdaytwo
Email us:

#DMDayTwo Marie Collette Suga Apple Swim Jin Forde Rebel Swimwear Monif C. Plus Sizes
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